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Some of the customising you can do with an HTML email signature:

This Mail solution incorporates a host of features enabling users to optimize their everyday email communication. Very often we find that our clients are not considering all the features during the conceptualization and design stages and thus not capitalizing on all the benefits of the product.

In light of the above we thought it might be apt to highlight some of the elements that we feel can add value to your email branding and marketing efforts.

Banner Management

The main feature is its multifaceted banner management system. Every time you send an email, your banner will appear when the recipient opens his/her email. Banners are interactive and can click through to web pages, landing pages, downloads or any other linkable online resource.

Rotational banners

The Rocketseed system has the ability to deliver a different banner with every email you send. You choose which banners you want to associate with your emails and the system chronologically assigns a different banner each time you send an email.

Tip: Feature each of your products or service offerings on different banners. For each email that is sent, a different value proposition is displayed.

Schedule your campaigns

Banners can be scheduled in advance and you’ll never again forget special days, public holidays or religious events. Schedule the banners to run in advance or concurrent with current or upcoming specials, events and product launches.

Tip: Schedule banners for seasonal and festive greetings, such as Valentine’s Day, Spring Day, Christmas and New Year at the start of the year and avoid the last minute rush to implement campaigns.

Differentiate with Banners

It allows for different campaigns to be implemented for relevant subsets of email senders, resulting in targeted and relevant marketing from these groups.

Tip: Service rating banners implemented for customer support and/or service orientated staff is a great way to measure service levels and to identify/respond timeously to problem areas.

Banner assignment by recipient

The rule sets also allow for assignment by recipient. Thus you are able to assign a specific banner to any recipient or even a specific domain.

Tip: Implement banners for internal communication by assigning to your own company’s domain. In this way you are able to deliver relevant information to internal staff only. Upcoming changes in the group or information on new products or services are examples of information that is easily and effectively shared this way.

Signature Elements

The signature component within your emails is the info hub, and apart from containing the obvious and essential business card details there are various other elements that can be incorporated / activated.


A great way to allow recipients to save your contact details without the hassle of retyping everything. Recipient clicks on the “save my details” link and immediately all the contact details are saved in their address book or contacts folder on their PC or mobile device.

Social Media

If your company is actively pursuing a Social Media presence, then this a great way to get those “likes” and “follows”. Simply incorporate Social Media links in your signature and ensure that recipients are easily pointed to the right platform to engage with you.

View Map/Get Directions

If customers/clients visit your premises this is an easy way to direct them. Supply a link to a platform such as Google maps or to a directions section on your website. If you have more than one branch or location this can be individualized.

Audio and Video

The options are unlimited; and video tours, pod casts, instructional videos or even your latest adverts are suddenly at your clients’ finger tips. The benefits of engaging on this level are well proven.

Showcase associations, affiliations, partnerships and awards

Create trust and confidence in your brand by ensuring your email recipients are aware of your standing within your industry and the successes you’ve achieved.

Newsletter registration

The importance of newsletters as a marketing tool is well established. Ensuring that you expand your subscriber base is crucial and an easy and effective way of doing so is by incorporating a “newsletter registration” link in your emails. Not only is the recipient informed as to the existence of this service but it also allows for hassle free subscription.


Supply links to documents such as brochures, catalogues, application forms etc. Host these on your website or use a free platform such as Dropbox.

Apart from the above there are various other elements to incorporate to your advantage:

Photo Signatures (Very relevant in the real estate industry)
QR Codes (Allow smartphone users to engage with multimedia digital content)
RSS Feeds (Automatically publishes and updates news headings from a blog or website in your emails)
Testimonials (If someone thinks you’re great at what you do you should share it!)
Social responsibility (Causes or campaigns you support)
Please contact us if you require more information on any of the above.